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Events Catering

We offer various different options for catering for your event (weddings, parties, wakes, markets, fetes etc).
1. Van in Attendance - We offer the hire of our van and staff to attend your event, to serve either fresh ready to eat cold seafood, or hot freshly cooked seafood dishes on site. 
2. Seafood Delivery - We offer delivery of your chosen selection of platters and cold food items to your event.
3. On-site Oyster Shucking - We offer a professional oyster shucking service, at your event. 

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We also offer large bookings for use of our premises. This would mean exclusive use of our seating area and our chef and staff working solely for your party. These events would need to be booked with at least 2 months notice and for a minimum of 50 people. For more information, please send us an email to


C.W. - Wedding Guest

The food was wonderful, couldn’t have been better. It all looked and tasted amazing; the bread was absolutely delicious. There were so many different nationalities at the wedding, all of whom were really impressed with the timings, the appearance and of course the taste. There were so many lovely comments – Well Done all at Dukes.

A guest from

....wonderful seafood from Dukes for lunch....

Tranquil Sea

A. H - Groom 

Thank you so much, we had a lovely day and the food was wonderful.

 Love it when our guests make the most of our hut, even in a storm! A delicious seafood platter from @thedukesseafood was delivered to the beach hut door this morning, inc Lobster, fresh Oysters (complete with a chucking knife) and Crab!

MFOB - Private Event @ Dukes

A great day out on the water (and back ashore) yesterday for the Duke’s Trophy... And a massive thank you to @thedukesseafood for providing us with some delicious food when we got back ashore!

C.M - Wedding Guest

It really was amazing - fabulous food (adored the breads) which, being a lover of seafood, was just the best. The service was spot-on. You should be proud of yourselves (says me, a guest from the Cotswolds but a huge lover of Mersea Island) 



Outside Events

Our fully refurbished, brand new fishmongers van has the ability to attend your event to serve your guests with the freshest ready to eat or seafood (or all seafood and wet fish if markets or fetes). We can also serve a freshly cooked, hot street food style seafood menu, directly to your guests from the van!

We would require at least 2 months notice for booking of the van and cost would be discussed with the customer regarding type of food, quantity of guests and length of time required. 

To enquire, please email

We can offer cold catering for events of minimum 15 people, delivered to your location (within 10 miles driving distance from us - further would be discussed on individual basis).

We have a selection of platters to choose from or we are happy to arrange bespoke platters to your requirements. We also offer homemade breads (with enough notice), individual or large sharing plates and centerpieces. We are also more than happy to work with you to produce exactly what you would like to complete the catering for your event. 

This service includes one of our members of staff joining you for a specified time during your event to open oysters on site for your guests. This ensures your guests get the freshest of oysters with no stress to any of your attendees or yourself!      

For more information about ordering or making a booking, please contact us directly on 07932466870 or 

Please note we require at least 2 weeks notice of events for options 2 and 3. 

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