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Fresh Fish Boxes & Cook At Home

Fresh Fish Boxes
Our experienced fishmonger Steve, has put together some fabulous boxes for you to choose from. These are perfect for filling the freezer, to enjoy fresh fish meals as and when you please! 

Box 1 - Family Box (Frozen)
Box 2 - Box for Two (Frozen)
Box 3 - Shellfish specials (Fresh - some can be frozen on receipt)
Cook at Home
Here at The Dukes Seafood, we have a super chef, Tony, who has put together a range of goods, so you caan experience restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your own home. These dishes are either a simple oven job, or come with a easy recipe card to finish the product. Take a look below at what is on offer: 

Fish Pie - Small or Large 
Mac 'n' Cheese - Small or Large
Fish Cakes
Crab Cakes
Scallop St Jacques 
Stir Fry Boxes 

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